Mental and Emotional Health

Moods are continually fluctuating on a day to day basis, however when you find yourself caught in a constant unfavourable mood this becomes a mental health issue and action needs to be taken.  Acupuncture, which has few to no side-efects, can safely assist in your wellness journey alongside your doctor's, pysiologists and/or psychiatrists treatment to help regulate the emotional brain.

Research has shown that acupuncture can assist with the treatment of stress, anxiety and depression and their physical manifestations by:

  • Altering the release of neuro hormones and neurotransmitters positively

  • Stimulating the Central Nervous System

  • Calming the sympathetic nervous system (Fight and flight)

The body and mind in Chinese Medicine are one entity and mutually affect each other meaning that a disharmony in one system will therefore result in a disharmony of the other. This is why emotional upset is generally also accompanied by a physical upset such as pain, sleeping difficulties or digestive upset to name a few.

Through a treatment plan including acupuncture, diet and lifestyle changes we can affect the organ systems responsible for this disharmony and assist in restoring your body to a balanced emotional, mental and physical state.