This ancient natural healing tool has a history expanding back over 3000 years.  Using this holistic tool we are able to locate the root of the problem according to Traditional Chinese Medicine diagnosis and help treat your presenting problem/s.

Acupuncture involves the insertion of fine, sterile needles  into specific points  individualised to your condition in order to correct the flow of energy (qi) throughout your body.  Qi, which travels not only superficially but also internally through your organs can be disrupted by many factors including stress, poor diet, environmental factors and lifestyle choices.  These can cause a disruption in the flow of qi throughout the body and result in blockages or inadequate supply of qi to certain areas of the body disrupting the body’s balance and resulting in illness.

A Chinese Medicine practitioner looks not only at your current signs and symptoms but also to your medical history and constitution before planning an individualised treatment plan for your condition.